SkyWalker Constellation

A commercial, small satellite-based constellation supporting multiple applications.


Main Performance
Power 82W
Attitude Control 3-axis stability
Pointing Accuracy ≤ 0.3º(3σ)
Stability ≤ 0.05º/s(3σ)
TT&C Uplink 2kbps/Downlink 4kbps
Data Transmission 2Mbps
Battery Capacity 20Ah
Lifetime 2-3 years
  • Payload

    l   High performance AIS receiver

    l   Process 2 million short

        messages per 24 hours

    l   Identify 60,000 ships

        per 24 hours  

  • Orbit and Launching

    l   Orbit      SSO

    l   Altitude    808km

    l   Launcher    CZ-4C

Skywalker Constellation

● 30 satellites with different buses

● Different applications: multiple sensor capabilities

● To be deployed in SSO / LEO orbits

● Modern ICT infrastructure for data processing, machine learning,

   automation and data access

● Secure end-to-end data environment (from space to end-user)

● International collaboration for frequency allocation, ground segment, data      distribution, market exploration, etc. 

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