HEAD Aerospace Attended the 8th International Space Technology and Application Symposium

The 8th International Space Technology and Application Symposium APSCO was held in Lima, Peru, from October 3rd to 6th. Representatives of more than 10 countries from all APSCO member countries and the United States, Japan attended the meeting. HEAD Aerospace as a representative of China's space enterprises was invited to participate in this symposium. The symposium discussed on the topic of data sharing among Member States for disaster management, big data and cloud computing, value-added services and data sharing strategies, small satellite systems and engineering standards, cooperation and networking of small satellite constellations, contribution of space technology to Latin American countries, etc.

In the afternoon of October 4, Mr. Wang Zhongmin, Vice President of HEAD Aerospace, gave a speech entitled "Skywalker Satellite Constellation and Its Application" in the forum of "Cooperation and Network Construction of Small Satellite Constellation", and introduced the Automatic Identification System (AIS) Development, the soon launching “HEAD-1” maritime satellite and "Skywalker" Constellation mission, and focused on the upcoming launch of related applications and services. HEAD Aerospace expressed its willingness to provide AIS data and related services to all APSCO Member State to promote the development of satellite-based maritime business in these countries. The report attracted the attention of the participants, and the participating countries are willing to cooperate with HEAD Aerospace and would like to have further exchanges.

 Vice President of HEAD Aerospace Gave Report for “SkyWalker Constellation”

 HEAD Aerospace Representative and APSCO Secretary General (Middle) and Vice President of Iran Space Agency (Left)

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