Mr. Wu Yanhua Visited HEAD Booth during IAC

During the 67th International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Guadalajara, Mexico, the booth of HEAD Aerospace attracted wide attention from participants. Leaders of China's space agencies visited HEAD Aerospace booth.

In the morning of the opening ceremony day, Deputy Director of National Aeronautics and Space Administration Mr. Wu Yanhua cordially inspected the booth and expressed support and concern for the development of HEAD Aerospace’s Commercial Aerospace. Mr. Wu also met with Mr. Alexander Degtyarev, chief designer of Ukraine YUZHNOYE Design Office, and expressed his high appreciation for China-Ukraine space cooperation and wished the greater success for the cooperation between China space industry and Ukraine YUZHNOYE Design Office.

CNSA Mr. Wu Yanhua, Chief Designer Mr. Degtyarev and HEAD

Vice Chief Designer Mr. Wang Zhonggui, NSO Director and HEAD

In the meanwhile, vice president of IAF and technology committee of CASC Mr. Yu Dengyun, Secretary General of APSCO Mr. Li Xinjun also visited HEAD Aerospace booth and appreciated the effort HEAD Aerospace made in promoting China commercial space development.


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