HEAD Aerospace Participate in the IALA Conference

During 19 to 23 September 2016, the 19th conference of the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) e-Navigation Commission was held at the IALA headquarters in Paris, France, with representatives from more than 30 maritime administrations participated. HEAD Aerospace as China's only commercial company was invited to participate in this conference.

The meeting discussed the construction of the shore-based system, e-nautical test system construction, VHF data exchange system (VDES), e-navigation service and other related issues. The key issues of VDES system optimization, frequency use, communication system and usage strategy and communication with ITU are discussed.

HEAD Aerospace business vice president Mr. Zhao Jinhui gave a report of "HEAD Aerospace Skywalker Constellation and Application" during the conference, and attracted the attention from the audience. HEAD Aerospace expressed the importance of promoting spaceborne VDES system globally from the satellite operators and service users point of view, and is willing to actively promote the VDES payload and the satellite-ground joint testing work, to substantially promote the global VDES technology based on the upcoming launched "HEAD" maritime satellite and the follow-up "Skywalker" Constellation. The proposal got appreciation and support from all IALA members. Representatives from different countries showed great interest in the "Skywalker" constellation and its maritime applications, and hope to carry out further exchanges and cooperation with HEAD Aerospace.
HEAD Aerospace "HEAD-1" maritime satellite is about to launch in early 2017 and carry out AIS-related business in the world. In view of the importance of the business, HEAD Aerospace stated the contact and application with IALA from 2015. At present, HEAD Aerospace actively participates in the activities as IALA observation company, and is expected to formally become a member in early 2017.

HEAD Aerospace Made Report

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