HEAD-1 Satellite AIS System Demonstration Test Completed Successfully

Recently, HEAD Aerospace and Shanghai Institute of Satellite Engineering successfully carried out HEAD-1 satellite AIS system demonstration test in Shanghai.

The purpose of this test is to verify the AIS system’s signal receiving capability to the vessel AIS transmitter. During the test, the parameters of Class A AIS transmitter were set up, and dynamic and static messages of vessels were broadcasted. AIS antenna receives the broadcast signal. AIS receiver decodes the received signal. Compared with the transmitted messages to verify the satellite AIS system receiving capability.

AIS receivers can decode correctly and receive information about the ship several tens of kilometers away from the test site with different parameter settings and different transmit power. The test shows that satellite AIS system performance is good, to meet the design requirements.

Previously, HEAD-1 has completed the TT&C test with ground control and data receiving station, and will carry out the whole satellite space environment test. The satellite is expected to be launched in early 2017 through the LM-4C launcher, and to formally provide on-board AIS data commercial operations services in the second half of 2017. HEAD Aerospace will be China's first company to provide commercial AIS maritime services.


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