Business Counselor of the Belgian Embassy in China Visiting HEAD Aerospace

On September 20, 2016, Ms. Emmanuelle Dienga, the economic and commercial counselor of the Belgian Embassy in China visited the headquarter of HEAD Aerospace, and held a meeting with Mr. Chen Chong, Vice President of HEAD Aerospace.

Mr. Chen introduced the general situation of HEAD Aerospace and expressed the willingness to cooperate with and invest in the Belgian space enterprises. Ms. Dienga expressed her appreciation for the efforts made by HEAD Aerospace in the field of space. She expressed her welcome and support in HEAD’s cooperation with and investment in Belgian enterprises, and was willing to assist HEAD Aerospace and Belgian enterprises in the communication, coordination, contact making, cooperation promoting and to help HEAD Aerospace in finding the right investment targets in Belgium. In the meanwhile, Ms. Dienga representing the embassy business department invited HEAD Aerospace to participate the relative investment and business events during Belgian Prime Minister's visit to China.

Ms. Emmanuelle Dienga (Right) Visited HEAD Aerospace


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