HEAD Meet with Ukraine YUZHNOYE Design Office

Mr. Zhang Liqiang, Vice President of China HEAD Aerospace Technology Co. held a meeting with Mr. Alexander Degtyarev, general director of the Ukraine YUZHNOYE Design Office, in Beijing. And parties reached consensus on the future development route and cooperation mode. Parties will make use of their respective advantages, to cooperate extensively in the “Skywalker” constellation development plan, light launcher and small satellite development, commercial launching and other fields.

Founded in 1954, the Ukraine YUZHNOYE Design Office is committed to the development and production of launchers and spacecraft. The Ukraine YUZHNOYE Design Office has made in total of nearly 500 launching to have launched more than 1,100 spacecraft into orbit.

HEAD Aerospace and the Ukraine YUZHNOYE Design Office carrying out comprehensive cooperation, will further consolidate the foundation for HEAD Aerospace Commercial Aerospace upstream and downstream industry chain integration, and accelerate HEAD Aerospace capability of providing "turnkey" services to global customers.

Meeting between HEAD Aerospace and Ukraine YUZHNOYE Design Office

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