On September 14, 2016, Mr. Wang Zhongmin, vice president of HEAD Aerospace, visited the APSCO headquarters in Beijing and held a meeting with APSCO Secretary-General Mr. Li Xinjun.

During the meeting, Mr. Wang Zhongmin briefed Mr. Li Xinjun on the basic situation of HEAD Aerospace as well as the progress of the satellite constellation business. The two parties conducted in-depth communication and exchange ideas in various aspects and explored the possible cooperation mode. Mr. Li Xinjun showed great interest to HEAD Aerospace satellite constellation operations and satellite maritime application services and expressed the open and support from APSCO to promote cooperation between China's space enterprises and its member states. At the same time, Mr. Li provided suggestion to HEAD Aerospace future plan. He stressed that HEAD Aerospace should consider business models and implementation methods based on APSCO member states’ requirement to ensure effective cooperation and the sustainable development of HEAD Aerospace, while promoting the technological level and innovation capability of APSCO member countries gradually.

APSCO is an international intergovernmental organization composed of United Nations Member States of the Asia-Pacific region and is headquartered in Beijing, China. Its predecessor as the "Asia-Pacific Conference on Multilateral Cooperation in Space Technology Application". There are currently eight member states. The aim of the organization is to promote mutual support among member States by promoting multilateral cooperation in space science, technology and applications among member States in order to enhance the space capabilities of member States and to promote the peaceful use of outer space by mankind.

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