Israeli Militram Corporation Visited HEAD Aerospace

On August 22-23, 2016, Mr. Ram Lachower, Chairman of Militram Corporation, led a delegation to visit China. Mr. Zhang Liqiang, Vice President of HEAD Aerospace, attended the reception hosted by Israel and invited Ram and his delegation to visit HEAD Aerospace in Beijing. During the meeting, the two sides introduced their respective company history, development and future plan etc., and expressed strong desire to cooperate with each other. Ram stated that the main purpose of the visit is to establish long-term mutual trust and cooperation with HEAD Aerospace. At the end of the meeting, Mr. Zhang Liqiang and Mr. Ram signed a cooperation agreement between HEAD Aerospace and Militram, to signify the formal establishment of China's aerospace products export channel to Israel. This has great significance for the global distribution strategy of HEAD Aerospace.

Signing Cooperation Agreement

Communication between Mr. Zhang Liqiang and Mr. Matan Ambassador of Israel Embassy in China

During the meeting, Mr. Maarten, Ambassador of Israel Embassy was authorized to attend the events and gave a speech on cooperation between China and Israel. He expressed the support and encouragement for the cooperation between China and Israel in strengthening the pragmatic cooperation in space, and stated that this cooperation between HEAD Aerospace and Militram will promote the cooperation between the two countries.

Militram is a well-known Israeli company, and has long-term cooperative partnership with a number of scientific research institutes and enterprises in China.

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