HEAD Aerospace Netherlands Held Opening Ceremony

On February 4, 2016, HEAD Aerospace Netherlands held an opening ceremony in the ESA SBIC of Noordwijk, the Netherlands. This ceremony enjoyed high attention from the European space sector. Nearly a hundred people from the Dutch local government and space industry showed up. Mr. Jan Rijpstra, the mayor of Noordwijk, Mr. Ger Nieuwpoort, director of the Netherlands Space Office and Mr. Jeroen Rotteveel, Chairman of SpaceNed attended the ceremony and made speeches, and expressed their earnest expectations to HEAD NL.

Noordwijk Mayor Mr. Jan Rijpstria Made a Speech

NSO Director Mr. Ger Nieuwpoort Made a Speech

Chairman of SpaceNed Mr. Jeroen Rotteveel Made a Speech

 President of HEAD Aerospace Group Mr. Jason Chou and HEAD NL CEO Mr. Pieter van Duijn introduced the development strategy of HEAD Aerospace and the main functions of HEAD NL, and accepted the Honorary Medal granted by the Noordwijk city government and the Netherlands Innovation Quarter.

Mr. Jason Chou Accepting Rewards

HEAD NL CEO Mr. Pieter van Duijn Introduction of HEAD NL

The official operation of HEAD NL is a symbol of a substantial step forward for HEAD Aerospace in the internationalization strategy. HEAD NL will be committed to small satellite advanced radar and optical small payload development and application. It will also act as a bridge of cooperation between China and the EU to promote space international cooperation. At the same time, it will lead the market demand, and find more potential commercial opportunities through capital operation and investment. opportunities.

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