HEAD Aerospace was invited to visit SANSA, SAMSA, Department of Agriculture and outstanding local enterprises to promote the Skywalker constellation in South Africa and discuss about the cooperation in satellite applications from December 11 to December 12, 2017. SAMSA showed great interest in the AIS data of the "HEAD-1" satellite and the HEAD maritime big data platform. HEAD would provide AIS data and maritime-related application services for SAMSA from 2018. In addition, HEAD Aerospace agreed with South African Department of Agriculture and the SANSA on the cooperation in data sharing, intellectual agriculture and energy management.

South Africa, as an important member of the BRICS, has undergone rapid development over the past seven years and the new trade and economic improvement has brought considerable opportunities for cooperation between China and Africa. HEAD Aerospace actively responds to the call of the Chinese government to interact with several industries in South Africa and provide support for coordination between our two countries on the basis of satellite application services. For the years to come, HEAD Aerospace will continue to explore the commercial space market and promote China's satellite services in the international market.


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