Beijing, Paris, Noordwijk, December 15, 2017 – China HEAD Aerospace (‘HEAD’) attended the United Nations South Africa Symposium on Basic Space Technology “Small satellite missions for scientific & technological advancement”. The conference was held in Stellenbosch, South Africa from 11 to 15 December with more than 150 participants from China, Brazil, Egypt, Germany, Ghana, Japan, Kenya, Netherlands, Nigeria, Peru, South Africa and United Kingdom. HEAD Aerospace presented its Skywalker constellation and its strategic plan in developing in Africa, highlighting its support in the Chinese national initiative ‘The Belt & The Road”. HEAD hosted a dinner with its local partner New Space Systems (NSS) to celebrate the recent successful launch of the HEAD-1 satellite and its strategic development in South Africa. Executive level representation from Space Agency and governments attended the dinner, including the UNOOSA, South Africa National Space Agency (SANSA), Department of Space & Technology of South Africa, Department of Trading & Industry of South Africa, Department of Transport of South Africa, INPE of Brazil, Kenya Space Agency, National Space Research and Development Agency of Nigeria (NASRDA).  

International cooperation has always been the key successful factor of HEAD since the founding of the company. Several high-level meetings with local government stakeholders and end-users were set up during the week to extend the international footprints of HEAD in the African continents. Through the meetings with local end-users such as the South Africa Maritime & Safety Agency (SAMSA) and the Department of Agriculture of South Africa, HEAD successfully built a collaborative relationship with key local stakeholder to promote the HEAD-1 satellite and its cloud-based application platform.  


Photo: Presentation of Mr Val Munsami, CEO, South Africa National Space Agency, SANSA (Left) Presentation of HEAD Aerospace (Right)

About China HEAD Aerospace Technology Co. Ltd (HEAD)

China HEAD Aerospace Technology Co. Ltd is a privately owned, independent company founded in 2007 and headquartered in Beijing, China with subsidiaries in Hong Kong, the Netherlands, France and joint laboratories located in Switzerland and Italy. The company have successfully helped non-Chinese aerospace companies to commercialize their space products and services in China over the last ten years. Driving by an interest in small satellite market, HEAD has been investing in a constellation of small satellites with multiple payloads dedicated in providing value-added services and applications. The HEAD-1 satellite is the first technology demonstration satellite as part of the "Skywalker constellation", a multi-functional AIS and Earth observation micro-satellite constellation.

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