Beijing, March 19, 2018 – China HEAD Aerospace Technology (“HEAD”) was invited by the South African National Space Agency (SANSA) to speak in the Space for National Development (SND) Week on March 12 to 15, 2018 at the SANSA Space Operations facility in Hartebeeshoek.

Figure 1: SANSA Space Operations facility in Hartebeeshoek

The SND Week intends to bring together the South African space sector and its stakeholders to engage on the legislation that governs the sector, understand the decisions and information that can be supported by space applications, provide guidance towards continued acquisition of high resolution satellite imagery for the national satellite sensor portfolio and to engage in a dialogue with Executive Officials in government and its entities on the benefit of exploiting space science and technology for the developmental agenda.

Figure 2: Dr Val Munsami, CEO of SANSA presenting the national Space program in South Africa

HEAD was invited to speak in the Session on “High Resolution Satellite Imagery for National Development” among other international leading commercial satellite operators such as DigitalGlobe, Airbus Defense and Space, Urthecast and 21AT. This session was a user-provider workshop on high resolution satellite data aimed at informing the national sensor portfolio strategy, providing guidance towards continued acquisition of high resolution satellite imagery for remote sensing applications. HEAD introduced the Skywalker constellation and our strategic partnership with China SiWei Group on the commercialization of China civilian Earth observation satellites (Gaofen and SuperView series satellites) and the strategic business development in South Africa.

Figure 3: Mrs Kammy Brun, Head of International Business Development, HEAD Aerospace, presenting in the High Resolution Satellite Imagery for National Development” Session

The end-user community included the national survey and mapping agency, the national environmental agency, the water and sanitary agency, the agriculture department, the national electricity agency, etc. Through the attendance of the SND week, HEAD had opportunities to share with local end users the wide portfolio of Chinese EO satellites and the Skywalker constellation and to better understand the specific end-user requirement of satellite imagery and services. 

Figure 4: Earth observation end-users community exchanging on their needs in high resolution data 



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